1996 Insua Island IOTA EU-150 Operation

Date: Tue, 2 Jul 96 14:56:47 PDT
From: Jose de Sa ct1eeb@mail.telepac.pt,
To: dx@ve7tcp.ampr.org
Subject: IOTA EU-150 DX'pedition #2

Its a go for the 1996 INSUA ISLAND IOTA EU-150 operation, the official license as been received today for the use of the callsign: CQ2I. All permits, including the difficult permission to stay over night and camp on the island have been issued by the local Regional Government branch... so, all is legal now !

The Portuguese Navy will provide transportation in two boats to the Island and will pick us up on the 29th back to mainland. The weather in the North of Portugal, spite its not predictable, should be good in the end of July. Logistic problems are almost all solved (we have enough generators, Radios, Beam antennas, Linear amps and of course good Top SSB and CW Dxers). Hope I am not forgetting anything !!! Here is the DXpedition data:

Callsign: CQ2I or each operator callsign signing portable (outside the contest)
Dates: 26 to 29th of July 1996
Activity: All bands, on SSB and CW ( sorry no RTTY or Satellite this time ), 24 hours a day, at least 3 stations active.
Island name: Insua Island
IOTA Ref: EU-150

The Island is also good for:


Logistic support: CT1ETZ

QSL manager:

Frank J. Dlugokinski
P.O.Box 772, 154 West St.
Litchfield, CT 06759, USA
( ARRL Bureau or direct cards are OK! ) Those Europeans that prefer to QSL to Portugal can use CT1EEB as a manager, Bureau or direct cards are also OK!, but please note that the CT-Bureau works much more slower than the ARRL Bureau, thats your choice !

This is all details... Good luck and CUL on the pile-ups,

Jose E. Ribeiro de Sa CT1EEB
Team member of:

CQ2I (EU-150)
CQ2C (EU-145)
CO0OTA (NA-204)