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CQ WW DX Contest RTTY Announced Operations: 2019

CQ WW DX Contest RTTY Announced Operations
September 28-29, 2019

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NEW (Sep18)
Uganda37SOON6NL4L5ABy ON6NL; QRV Sep 16-Oct 7 fm Entebbe; HF
8P1WBarbados08SOAB LPKU9C8P1WBy 8P1W
8P2KBarbados08SOSB 80MLoTW8P6SHBy 8P6SH; QSL also OK via KU9C; inverted L + rx antennas
A35JTTonga32M/?M0OXOTDDXBy VK5GR VK5XDX VK5AKH VK5SFA ; QRV Sep 23-Oct 7; 160-6m
NEW (Sep16)
Taiwan24M/?See InfoTDDXBy BV2A BM2AAV BV2DD BV2KS BV3UB; QSL: ART, PO Box 73-326, Taipei, Taiwan
EA8DEDCanary Is33M/SOH2BPOH2BPBy SM7BHM SM7GXR SM4RGD YL2KF OH9GIT OH2BP; low power; Traditional North European Operator's Team
FP/KV1JSt Pierre & Miquelon05SOLotWOPDXBy KV1J QRV Sep 24-Oct 8; 80-10m; CW SSB RTTY FT8 + satellite
NEW (Sep15)
Honduras07M/2KQ1FW1UEBy W1UE N2WQ LZ5VV SP4Z VE3JI; fm IOTA NA-057

Thanks to: 4L5A, 8P1W, 8P6SH, OH2BP, OPDX, TDDX, W1UE
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